Listening Tour

Digital technology is rapidly transforming our world, bringing both opportunities and challenges. As we navigate this digital landscape, it’s crucial that we come together to explore how technology can support the well-being of individuals and communities. That’s why we’re launching a listening tour to talk with teens, parents, educators, and experts about digital thriving.

This idea of collective action to drive positive change isn’t new. In 1988, researchers at Harvard’s School of Public Health worked with television networks, Hollywood studios, public service announcement campaigns, and government agencies, like the Department of Transportation to popularize the term “designated driver.” Their efforts showed how effective public health messaging, spread through popular media and culture, can shift societal norms and behaviors. You could say the term went “viral” (in 1980s terms) when it appeared on the popular TV show “Cheers.”

This idea saved over 50,000 lives in 1988 alone, and now “designated driving” is a concept we all know about and practice. We think driving is a productive metaphor for thinking about the ways technology impacts our lives, and we’re curious to define and popularize practices, like designated driving, that can positively impact societal well-being in our increasingly digital world.

If you’d like to participate in conversations with us and others about how we might support digital thriving as a society, especially for youth, sign up here!

We write about what we’re learning on Making Thriving Visible, Beck’s Substack.