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Digital illustration of a dark purple foxglove flower with several blooms. The bell-shaped flowers are a deep red with lighter edges and arranged along a tall, dark stem with pointed leaves.

This course isn’t just about teaching teens how to cut back on screen time—it’s about preparing them to thrive in our tech-driven world. You will learn six game-changing mind shifts—or pivots—that will transform how you think about school policies, classroom teaching, and conversations with students about tech, social media, and more.

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Graphic design of dark purple crocuses with two prominent flowers and narrow, blade-like leaves. One flower is closed with a hint of red-orange at the base, while the other is in bloom revealing lighter shades inside.

Our latest research report, Teen and Young Adult Perspectives on Generative AI: Patterns of Use, Excitements, and Concerns, sheds light on how teens currently use generative AI and what they want adults to know — and do — about it.

We did this research in collaboration with our friends at Common Sense and Hope Lab. Take a look.