The Center for Digital Thriving is a research and innovation center at Harvard Graduate School of Education. We are proudly based at Project Zero, which has a long history as a home to research that leans into areas where there is little or perceivably zero communicable knowledge or consensus.

Our mission is to create knowledge and research-based resources that help people — especially youth — thrive in a tech-filled world.

We envision a world where people can thrive as we live with ever-changing technologies.
Digital technology is reshaping our lives and affecting young people in particular.

Emily Weinstein

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Emily is a psychologist, researcher, author, lecturer, and mom of two young children. More >

Carrie James

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Carrie is a sociologist, researcher, the current Co-Director of Project Zero, and a parent of two tech-loving teens. More >

Beck Tench

Research + Design

Beck is a wife, daughter, friend, dog mom, kind stranger, designer, and researcher. More >

Amber Kamilah

Communications + Partnerships

Amber is an Atlanta native, designer, educator, strategist and passionate advocate for liberation of all kinds. More >

Eduardo Lara

Research Specialist

Eduardo is a cat dad who is passionate about well-being, mental health, and diversity and inclusion in research. More >

Sophia Choukas-Bradley

Clinical Psychology Lead

Sophia is a licensed clinical psychologist, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, and the director of the Teen and Young Adult Lab. More >

Destinee Ramos


Destinee is a Harvard College student Class of 2026 with a passion for social media research and teen well-being. More >

Margaret Corona

Communications Assistant

Margaret is a journalism major at Boston University with a passion for digital well-being. More >

We believe that improving digital well-being requires a multifaceted perspective that 1) attends to both the benefits and harms of life with technology, and 2) upholds a solutions-minded, future-oriented and genuinely hopeful stance.

We commit to taking courageous steps and making bold decisions in the face of uncertainty, resistance, and difficulty.

We believe in the power of youth-centered research to inform, enlighten and clarify. We believe that listening to youth is fundamental and we are committed to learning with and from them.

We believe that every person deserves to thrive in our digital world regardless of their origin, identity, income, status, or ability. It is our duty to learn and incorporate anti-oppressive and anti-racist approaches in our research and resource development.

We commit to creating useful, timely resources that benefit real people.

When stars from different constellations in the research universe come together, magic happens. Many thanks to our current collaborators for joining us on the journey toward digital thriving.

Our work is catalyzed by generous founding grants from Susan Crown Exchange and Pivotal Ventures, a Melinda Gates Foundation. Thank you for believing in our vision.