Ask and listen.

We understand more when we:

ASK (rather than assume), LISTEN (while suspending judgment), IMAGINE (together), THEN synthesize, assess, and iterate.

But first: we ask and listen.

Questions like...

What are teens facing that adults are missing?
What do teens most wish adults understood?

Research is the key to answering big questions like these. Our founders, Drs. Emily Weinstein and Carrie James, studied thousands of young people’s perspectives to begin answering these questions. Their research revealed surprising gaps between adults’ common assumptions and teens’ realities. In short, there’s a lot that adults are missing about the digital lives of young people.

How do we thrive?

For over a decade, we have been working to understand what types of support people — and especially kids and teens — need to thrive in a tech-filled world.

We have a growing collection of resources that moves conversations between adults and young people in a new direction. These resources build directly on our ongoing research and partnerships with youth, educators, and clinicians, which we’ve written about in, Teaching Digital Well-being: Evidence-based Resources to Help Youth Thrive.

Our research

We're passionate about research that centers youth voices and points toward interventions that can help them thrive.

Learn more about what adults are missing.
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