Upcoming Resources

We’ve heard from our teen advisors that some feel a “culture of needing to be productive all the time and needing to be working all the time…the grind…it’s so damaging.” Teens tell us that tech intersects with – and can amplify – the grinds that they feel.

We are developing research and resources to explore “The Grind” concept. For now, we invite you to read a blog post by one of our teen advisors, Eli H.: The Grind: My Teen Experience of LGBTQ+ Misrepresentation Within Social Media

“I can sit there for hours on end just scrolling…”

We’re tuned into the ways tech use easily becomes mindless, so we’re working on resources to help flip the script toward mindful: building mindfulness habits through slow-mo scrolling and screen time reflections.

AI. Social comparison. Urge surfing. Body image. And whatever else teens tell us they’re craving. This is what we’re working on next.